Mezquita Catedral Cordoba t


Due to the situation of Covid19, the monuments of Córdoba have adapted their schedules and capacity.

In the private visits that I organize, I directly take care of the reservation of the Tickets, especially those with the smallest capacity, such as the Alcazar de Los Reyes Cristianos and other museums.


This year due to  Covid19, the courtyard(Patios ) festival has been moved to October.

In this case, there will not be more than 40 patios to visit and unlike previous editions, it is not a contest, it will simply be a festival, where the participating patios will open their doors so that we can enjoy these "private paradises".



I am adapted to new normal. How?

For groups more tan 9 people, I will use a microphone and you will have a receiver with single-use headphones (although you can also use your own) in order to keep your distance to stay safe.

As I guide also private tours, you will not share the guide with strangers, and you will make the visits comfortably avoiding crowds. Hydroalcoholic gel will be at your disposal to ensure hand disinfection after visiting monuments or museums.

Whenever possible, I will take you through the less frequented streets to avoid the crowds.

As a member of Spanish Guides Assosiation, we are up to date with all the news about the protocols to follow to visit any of the monuments and museums in the city, so we will ensure your safety at any time.

I want your experience in Cordoba to be unforgettable! 


If we talk about wine in Córdoba, we have to talk about the D.O (Appellation of origin)  Montilla-Moriles, a wine-growing area in the south of the province that produces unique wines.

To begin with, the grape used is Pedro Ximénez, which only grows in this part of Andalusia and which is perfect for the Albariza (White ) lands of the area.

They are generous, strong, and dry wines that are presented according to their fermentation and time in the barrel in. 


  • Joven o Tinaja
  • Finos
  • Olorosos
  • Amontillados
  • Sweet wine PX


Traveling with children is possible and if the city you are visiting has leisure and gastronomic offer for them, much better.

Córdoba offers both possibilities, but in this case, we are going to focus on gastronomy. There is no 40-year-old "child" from Cordoba who has not been in Mamma Mia, Córdoba's first pizzeria, and although a few years have passed, it has survived other American fashions. Located in the center of the city, a truly recommendable place.

Without leaving the city, but looking for more open places for children to enjoy, we have the Bar Playa located in the Los Patos Gardens and with a swings area right next to it.